Website news feeds

What are website news feeds?

Website news feeds are an alternative method used to provide visitors to your website with content which is frequently updated. All the latest news from your industry can be sent directly to customers, both established and new, without having to request personal information. A link is provided on your website so that people can subscribe to receive the latest content from your site. The news content can be tailored to suit your niche and can be provided as frequently as you wish.

Why do I need website news feeds?

If you are aiming for a higher level of traffic to your site, you will need website news feeds. Here at Direct Content, we provide news feeds with all the latest news from your industry so that your customers will always be aware of new developments. There are other methods used to gain customers and attract attention, like inviting visitors to your site to sign up to an email list. Very often, a person will be hesitant about leaving their email address, fearing a deluge of emails from businesses trying to sell something they aren’t interested in. Website news feeds can be used on your site as a marketing method in itself or in conjunction with another method. In addition to the higher traffic volumes, you will receive links to other sites which helps to attract the attention of the search engines. We all know that search engines love frequent content which is fresh and original, which is why you need website news feeds.

How much news do I need for my website?

This is dependent on a number of factors and here at Direct Content we can help you decide how many pieces of news would maximise the benefits to your site. You can have as many pieces of news as you wish, from one a week to one every hour – we can fulfil any order.

Does the quality of the website news feeds matter?

The quality is extremely important, as spelling errors, incorrect grammar and a poorly written article are off-putting for visitors and the search engines. Outsourcing to a reputable copywriting service could be crucial, as your reputation depends on it. News has a specific format which should be adhered to when producing news. At Direct Content we have qualified journalists who edit all the work, ensuring that every aspect is correctly formatted and easy to read. People tend to skim read an article unless they find it interesting which is where the skill of our writers comes in. All our writers speak English as their main language, and have an excellent command of spelling and grammar.

Benefits of outsourcing website news feeds

Producing the content for website news feeds is a time-consuming process as well as being complex for anyone who doesn’t have writing experience. Rather than have a team in-house to produce regular content, outsource to a company which can cope with any size order and produce the work in a timely manner. Hiring a freelance writer may also seem like a low-cost alternative, but you can be easily let down at the last minute.

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