Website Content Writing

It’s one thing to have a website that looks the part, but once the initial allure of great aesthetics and neat navigation die down, what will keep visitors reading, revisiting and ultimately buying from your site is the quality of its written content. Excellent website content writing is truly valuable, so it’s little wonder that so many businesses choose to leave it to the experts.

Getting writing just right

There are two main groups of visitors to your site – humans and search engine bots – and you need to keep both of them happy. At one time, it was quite possible (and not terribly difficult) to fool search engines through ‘black hat’ SEO techniques, but this is a route we’ve never been happy to go down because we knew the day would come when Google and its peers stomped that black hat right into the ground.

With the likes of its Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates in recent years, Google is successfully managing to pick out more and more wheat and leaving the chaff to languish behind. It’s getting to the stage where it knows what human internet users are looking for as well as they do. Search engine optimisation (SEO) has therefore become a much more subtle game focused on human engagement, knowing that search engine algorithms will increasingly mirror the desires of the humans they’re intended to serve.

What does this mean for website content writing?

Quite simply, it means that poor-quality, keyword-stuffed fodder will turn off not only the people who read it, but the search engines trying to index it too. The goal of writing online these days must be to produce material that interests and educates, that gives the reader what they want and that invites their interaction. It needs to be sharable on social media, readable whether on a desktop or mobile device, and relevant to your business and the services you offer.

Your website should reflect your status as a trusted and reputable name in your industry. With regular updates of fresh and engaging written content, you can make a clear statement that your business or organisation is fully immersed in your sector, knows what’s going on and has the wherewithal to translate that into words on the webpage. This, in turn, helps search engines learn that your website is the place to go when internet users type in your targeted search terms.

Write on!

The hands-on business owner might think that the way to get the most relevant and knowledgeable text on their website is to take control of all writing, but is this efficient? Your business is built on your own area of specialism, so in the same why that customers turn to your expertise in what you do, doesn’t it make sense to hand an aspect of business as crucial as content writing to an expert as well?

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