Web Copy Writing

One of the most difficult aspects of Internet marketing, or starting a website, is providing interesting and engaging web copy for your customers to read; web copy that converts into sales and enquiries.

Top notch web copy is the beating heart of any website, and you owe it to yourself and your customers to spend as much time getting it right as you would your graphics and your layout. It’s usually best to avoid jargon and marketing-speak, and to treat visitors to your site as perceptive, astute people. Employing the services of professional web copy writers such as our copywriters at Direct Content can give you the edge when it comes to doing this.

There are several advantages when you have Direct Content on board to provide your web copy. Every writer we use has English as a first language; even so, all of their work passes through a trained and journalist-qualified editor, so you can be sure that your web copy will be written to the highest standard and is free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds and are able to write knowledgably on a great many subjects, so we can be sure to generate attention grabbing, perfectly crafted copy for your business.

Freelance copywriting

When working with a freelance copywriter, a business exposes itself to several potential dangers. Possibly the biggest one is that of deadlines; a freelance copywriter will not have a contingency plan in the event of not being able to fulfil their contract. If they fall ill, or experience a personal emergency, there is no-one available to meet your deadline. This can be critical if your new web copy is part of a larger operation to launch, or re-launch, your website.

Making sure your web copy is in on time is only the first stage. Next, there is the issue of quality control. Is the copy expertly crafted? Is the spelling, grammar and punctuation flawless? Are there any typos? It’s likely that the copy will have to be read and edited by someone within your company who, although qualified in your industry, may not be the best person to check for grammatical errors.

Using Direct Content

With Direct Content, your copy is guaranteed to arrive on time because if a writer were to let us down we have others to step into the breach at the last minute. Furthermore, your copy will be edited by an experienced, professional journalist who will ensure that it speaks to your audience.

Effective web copy has to fulfil your brief, convey your message and offer Google what it wants to see, which can ensure that your search engine rankings are optimised without stuffing keywords unnaturally into your content. The right web copy drives traffic to your website, gets the marketing message across and can be the difference between your site’s success or failure. Good copy is not about impressing the reader with your expansive vocabulary – it’s about communicating, and inspiring your customers.

Web copy has never been more important than it is today. If you take your business’ online reputation seriously, take your web copy seriously and call the professionals to take care of the copywriting for you.