UK Copywriters

There are many companies offering copywriting services in the UK. Copywriters working for these companies aren’t always from the UK themselves however. When companies use non UK copywriters to produce content for their clients, you can often tell in the style of writing that the content hasn’t been written by someone who uses English as their mother tongue.

This often leads to disjointed sentences, incorrect or over elaborate use of verbs and adjectives, and a generally uneasy feel to the copy as a whole.

Non UK copywriters are used by many companies because they are cheaper to employ for their services, as is the case with a great many other industries – however they are not better. At Direct Content we use only native UK copywriters for our clients’ content, which results in a much better overall service. The content we provide reads better, is better researched and above all else, works better for SEO (which is after all the main reason to look for UK copywriting services in the first place).

A native UK copywriter will avoid the common mistakes made by non UK copywriters when writing in the English language. Anyone who has encountered foreign copywriting will be familiar with these mistakes. Some of the mistakes often made by a non UK copywriter include:

  • Putting a letter ‘s’ at the end of words such as ‘equipment’
  • Confusing they’re, there and their
  • General mistakes about the climate and wildlife found in the UK

Quality content requires UK copywriting – give us a call or fill in our contact form for details.