Survey reveals employers put off by poor spelling and jargon

A survey of employers, conducted by careers advice site, has revealed some of the top reasons for job applicants failing to be short-listed by employers. The survey, which was completed by more than 250 managers involved in recruitment, found a high level of agreement about the C.V. traits least likely to create the right impression.

Nearly three quarters of the bosses surveyed said that they disliked the use of acronyms or jargon in job applications. This problem was frequently found in younger applicants, with one writing an entire C.V. in text speak.

Spelling errors were also unlikely to impress, with 20 per cent of employers stating that these were a source of irritation. Fifty seven per cent said that they were put off by applicants who had not researched the job properly and did not show the required level of understanding. Employers also disliked bizarre tactics used to attract attention to an application, such as inappropriate photographs.

Anyone responsible for writing for a website will recognise that these issues are not confined to the jobs market. Spelling and grammatical errors are frequently named as being problems with online content, and website owners also need to research their markets thoroughly to make sure the content is right for the readership. Titles and photographs need to be relevant and not too off-the-wall. Professional article writing services are in more and more in demand as site owners strive to create the right impression online.

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