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The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) seems a confusing and dark one to many, but at Direct Content, we’ve always believed it should be a transparent process. Our SEO copywriting services bear in mind that what human website visitors want and what search engines prioritise are not actually that different, and this gap will only narrow as Google and its competitors become increasingly sophisticated.

Don’t blot your copy

A crude, old-fashioned and now largely ineffective way to approach SEO is to cram in as many targeted keywords as possible, paying little or no consideration to the quality of the writing and its relevance to your site. In the early days of SEO, it was not uncommon to see popular but completely irrelevant search terms like ‘Britney Spears’ or ‘Nike shoes’ appear on websites that were simply trying to hook in traffic.

We lived and worked through this era. We didn’t like it then, and we feel vindicated that it doesn’t work now. SEO is all about finding the ground between satisfying search engines and rewarding human readers with content that delivers what it promised. Keyword usage is still important, but it has to be managed in a way that doesn’t impair your copy. If it does, Google will soon notice, and who’s going to come back to a site that treats its visitors like fools?

A way with words

With outsourcing being crucial to the efficient running of a business, more and more company owners are recognising that a website is no longer a gimmick and the internet is the first resource most of us use to find what we’re looking for. With that in mind, is it wise to spend too much time adding written content to your site yourself? You could be using that time growing your business, generating sales and performing your day-to-day tasks. What’s more, can you be sure that the content you’re adding is as effective as it could be?

Businesses that use specialist SEO copywriting services are freeing up their time and resources to concentrate on their own attributes, safe in the knowledge that regular high-quality content is being added to their site. This content will not only be an indication to Google and other search engines of a well-maintained and regularly updated site, but it will also be engaging and meaningful enough to be shared on social media and interacted with by readers, who will be enticed to the rest of the website thanks to its quality.

That, ultimately, is how SEO should work. Content needs to let search engines know that it’s relevant to them, but the rest of the job is done by effective communication with human internet users.

In need of Direction?

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