SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialist service that differs from regular copywriting and article writing because it has to take into consideration the many aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO). Copywriters who are experienced in SEO know how to craft articles and copy that will appeal to both human readers and search engines alike; copy that works from a reader’s point of view as well as from a ranking point of view.

SEO copywriting isn’t just about selecting keywords and randomly inserting them into sentences so that search engines rank the websites for those words. An SEO copywriter will craft the web copy so that it reads well and the keywords are used naturally.

Some of the SEO benefits of adding regular, unique content to your website include:

  • Increased authority – leading to increased rankings and enquiries
  • Long tail search traffic – be there when people search
  • Fast indexing of content – content can go live in Google within minutes
  • Internal link strength – build important pages up with contextual linking
  • Gain subscribers – with a flow of information, people will want to read more

Over time, adding regular quality content will help Google to recognise you as a ‘leader’ in your field online which will in turn see your website lifted in the search rankings. This is not just theory; we have seen this time and time again with existing clients.

At Direct Content, we offer expert SEO copywriting services for our clients directly and we can work hand in hand with SEO agencies to complement the SEO campaigns of their clients. Our SEO copywriters can work on any brief that you may have to help you bolster the search results of your website.