Search data reveals loving choices

Figures from the US have revealed that while Valentine’s Day saw flowers remain the most sought after gift for a loved one, red is not necessarily the most enamoured colour.

According to online research in the run up to the most romantic day of the calendar, roses are still by far the most popular choice of gift.

The most recent data from the US’ National Retail Federation (NRF) showed that roses outstrip the sale of any other item by a factor of six.

However, other research into 200,000 searches by consumers, which news feed writers for related businesses, such as florists, should take note of, suggested that red roses are only sought by around 47% of lovers.

The analysis goes on to look at other colours too.

Pink is a popular choice for many, with 19% of searches, while white roses (16%) completed the top three for floral search queries.

Yellow, with 12% of the search, and blue (6%) round out the top five most popular colours. However, it is not all about the roses.

Other flowers were well behind the traditional stemmed bouquets, but lilies still managed 11% of the search market. Tulips came in at third with 7%.

There are likely many reasons for why different people were hunting out a particular bloom. From the cost of red roses to the meaning of colours, as well as a preference for certain flora, understanding the target customers for next year could see the blossoming of a greater volume in sales.

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