Quality matters

Maintaining your website and making sure it features highly in the search engine results is not just about adding keyword-stuffed articles to it regularly, or making sure that your web copy is up to date.

The algorithms used by search engines such as Google to determine your rankings on their results pages are complicated, and the way they determine their results is shrouded in secrecy. This makes optimising your website for improved search results a fusion of experience, skill and creativity, even for the most reputable of SEO companies. However, there’s one thing that we all agree on, and that is the importance of the quality of your website’s content – both for users and for search engines.

Naturally, it has to be well written and free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as this will reflect poorly on your company, your brand and yourself. However, the content also has to be pertinent to the service you provide and the industry you operate within; this will please the search engine crawlers that determine the relevancy of your site to search terms and keep visitors to your site coming back for more.

Why Direct Content?

English is a minefield of subtlety and nuance, and any content written by a non-native speaker can stand out a mile. Not only can this adversely affect the way visitors to your site perceive it, but it can have an undesirable effect on your SEO.

Even if you apply high expectations when hiring someone to provide your content, it can only be half the battle. Do you have a qualified, experienced editor to ensure the articles submitted by a freelance writer are of the highest standard? Do you have a ‘Plan B’ if your writer falls ill or experiences a personal emergency? By hiring the services of a freelance writer, you expose yourself to the capriciousness of day to day life.

It is for all these reasons that we at Direct Content absolutely insist on using writers with English as their first language. We only use quality, established writers who are knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, and can write articles to our deadlines. Having a staple supply of experienced writers means that if, for some reason, one were unable to fulfil a brief, we have another equally skilled writer ready to step into the breach.

Furthermore, all of our editors are fully NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualified with a wealth of experience in the field of journalism, ensuring that your content, whether articles or news stories, are up to scratch for the task at hand.

Every article submitted by our writers is subjected to our editing process to ensure that the spelling, grammar and overall adherence to the client’s brief surpass our standards.

Whatever content you demand for your website, whether articles, news stories or blogs, we can deliver.

Don’t settle for companies that use cheap, foreign suppliers for their content. Go direct, to Direct Content.