What are newsfeeds?

Newsfeeds are used by businesses to provide customers or interested individuals with regularly updated content. Users can subscribe to a newsfeed, so that they receive all the latest news for their chosen industry. Newsfeeds are provided by news websites and can also be individually tailored. A newsfeed is one method of keeping users up to date with a website, encouraging repeat visits. Newsfeeds also benefit your site’s search engine ranking as your content will be updated frequently and be well presented and original.

Are there any benefits to having a news feed?

Users may be more likely to subscribe to your newsfeed than to sign up to an email list as personal details aren’t required. It is relatively simple for a user to subscribe to newsfeeds and just as easy to remove the newsfeed. All new content is made available to subscribers who will click on the link through to your website to view the latest news. If users have an interest in more than one site, newsfeeds make it easier to stay in touch with them all. Newsfeeds also encourage the search engines to crawl the website, as new content posted on a regular basis is what they are looking for.

If you want to distribute news on a regular basis with minimal effort, then newsfeeds are the right tool for your website. You don’t have to keep a list of subscribers or update information – you just keep the news coming. Subscribers may feel less pressured when using newsfeeds. Although you are providing new content on a regular basis, the subscriber can visit your website without feeling under pressure to make a purchase. You are also guaranteed to reach subscribers as there are no filters in place to block your news article. Traffic to your site will increase as a result of links to your website through newsfeeds.

How often will news be published on a newsfeed?

News can be published as often as you like, every hour, every day or every couple of days. It is your decision. Here at Direct Content we are able to produce news content as often as you like, although we recommend regular publishing for search engine optimisation purposes. A regular publishing schedule can be difficult to maintain for a website owner who has other aspects of the business to deal with, which is why outsourcing is a cost-effective solution. In this way, you can publish news articles as often as you wish without worrying about missing deadlines or finding the latest news.

Choosing a provider for newsfeeds

A provider for newsfeeds should have qualified writers who are able to produce news in an easy to understand, accurate and grammatically correct format. Some research is necessary to ensure the news is correct, which is checked here at Direct Content by our qualified editors. Each piece of news is given to the most suitable writer before being checked by one of our editors to ensure every aspect is correct. We only hire permanent writers so that we don’t risk missing deadlines and we can match each writer’s knowledge to the most relevant news topic.

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