News Writing

Websites that feature regular news content are frequently favoured by Google, and as such fare well in its rankings. All quality news articles have several things in common. The spelling, punctuation and grammar should be uniformly correct. It’s also important that the news is indeed relevant to your industry. It should also be recent news; no-one looking for the latest headlines will want to read something that is months out of date, regardless of how well written it is. There are several other things that an experienced journalist would point out too, such as opinion should not find its way into a news article. This could prove problematical if the subject of a story wishes to pursue a libel case and is the reason why nearly all newspapers have an editorial column, where the opinions of the editors can be aired.


Accuracy is also vital and, as such, some research will be necessary when writing any news story. The ability to find a human interest angle on a story to present readers something they can relate to is also a prerequisite. Quite often, facts and figures will need to be broken down and represented in a manner that can be understood by every reader. Think of the annual budget; rather than bog the reader down in statistics, many news sources pitch the information in easy to understand chunks, such as the average cost of living increase for a middle class family of five.

These are just the basics of journalism. It’s easy to see where many businesses embark on well meaning but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to increase their search engine rankings by writing their news in-house, or hiring the services of a freelance writer without the right background. In doing so, you expose your SEO campaign to the possibility of missed deadlines, contracts cancelled at the last minute and lack of cover should your writer fall ill.

Experienced Writers

At Direct Content, we have a team of talented and experienced writers to draw upon to provide your news articles. All of our writers have English as their first language and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, meaning that they are able to write news for any sector of business. Should one writer not be able to fulfil a brief, we are able to draw upon our pool of talent to ensure your deadline is not missed. All of our editors are professionals with extensive experience, and are fully qualified with the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). This means that not only will they have a keen eye on the quality of news articles written for your website, but will also ensure that the standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation is high. They can also ensure that you will not fall foul of the press Complaints Commission’s code of practice, or are exposed to libel claims from aggrieved parties.

News is a vital component of your search engine optimisation strategy. When approached with a professional attitude, and with the application of vigorously high standards, there is the likelihood that you can find your site featured on Google News. This serves to enhance your reputation as a trusted source, and can further enhance your SEO campaign.