News feed for websites

What is a news feed for websites?

Visitors to your website have an interest in your particular niche, or subject. A news feed for websites provides up to date news for your visitors without them having to visit your site. The people who visit your site regularly to search for information can now be updated instantly, just by clicking on the RSS button. You decide which material you want to be included so that people will only see news for the subjects you want to be included in the news feed.

Why do businesses use news feed for websites?

News feed for websites helps you to stay in touch with your customers, both established and new customers, without directly contacting them. Direct contact like email lists are often ignored by people who don’t want to give personal information, whereas news feed for websites allows a visitor to sign up for news on a regular basis, anonymously. Subscribers to a news feed don’t have to worry about receiving lots of emails, or high pressured sales techniques. News feed for websites are easy to subscribe to and just as easy to unsubscribe, leaving your customer in control.

News feed for websites guarantee that the content is being read by the recipient, as there is no chance of it being placed in a ‘junk’ folder or blocked by filters. Subscribers to your news feed for websites will actually receive the latest news from your website. Feed readers sort through the news and highlight those that will be of interest so that the subscriber doesn’t have to wade through stories which are of little or no interest. You won’t be the cause of a security risk if you introduce a news feed which will make a subscriber feel assured.

Do I need a news feed for websites?

If you want more free traffic for your website, then yes you do. A feed which is frequently updated can attract and retain customers. Visitors already have an interest in your subject so why not keep them interested with a news feed. A regular supply of content can be provided by a professional company, like us at Direct Content. Content should be presented correctly, while being grammatically correct and without containing spelling errors. We can also provide news on a regular basis, whether you want news a number of times daily or just once each day. The news is presented to subscribers in small chunks so that they decide what they want to read. They then click through to your site to read the remainder of the news article.

Why outsource news feed for websites?

Providing news which is fresh, accurate and correctly presented can be challenging for a business owner who has other aspects of the company to deal with. Outsourcing to a company such as us at Direct Content will provide you with a steady supply of news, all produced by writers who speak English as their main language. We have a number of writers, all with their own specialist subjects so that we can produce well written, knowledgeable news feed for websites.

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