News content providers

News content on websites is a popular commodity with Google, helping websites to achieve high rankings with the search engine. The news content on a website should be fresh and relevant to your website, well written and thoroughly researched. This is a process which very few website owners have the time or necessary skills to carry out. News content providers such as Direct Content have qualified, experienced writers who can produce news content which is skilfully presented and thoroughly researched. Editors and qualified journalists then proof read the news content to ensure that it is original and written according to precise standards.

Why you need news content providers

The content on websites very quickly becomes stale and ‘old news’ isn’t likely to attract any interest from search engines or potential customers. Production of regular news content, written to the required standard is difficult unless you have the required training like the journalists here at Direct Content. All our news content is produced around the latest headlines, designed to attract attention from customers and Google, just what your website needs to set it apart from competitors.

News content providers know which stories are likely to attract the attention of customers on your website. It is crucial to produce relevant news content related to your industry on a regular basis. As most website owners are busy with other aspects of the business, outsourcing to news content providers is often the preferred option, maximising return on investment.

Why it is so difficult to provide news content

There are a set of standards which must be adhered to when producing news content. In addition to having correct grammar and spelling, as all articles should have, news has to be fresh and up to date. News from last month is old news and isn’t likely to attract new custom or the eyes of the search engines. Attention grabbing headlines with a human interest element are what Google is looking for and for your website to be at the top of the rankings, you need the expertise of professional news content providers. Writing your own news articles in-house may seem like a sensible way to cut costs but if, for example, you let opinion creep into the content; you could end up involved in an expensive libel case. Here at Direct Content, all content is thoroughly checked so that you can be assured that the news on your website is of the highest quality.

Other services provided by news content providers

In addition to producing news content for website owners, here at Direct Content we produce news for SEO companies and Internet marketing businesses. Rather than worry about fulfilment of news content provision to clients, contact us here at Direct Content. All our writers speak English as a first language and know how to produce the highest quality news content. Whether you want news on a regular basis or as a one off project, we are happy to provide great content for you.

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