Kim Kardashian calls for Twitter editing feature

Actress and model Kim Kardashian, who is the 14th most followed person on Twitter, reported in a tweet that she has emailed the social media platform, requesting the ability to edit tweets after posting them.

At present, Twitter users need to first delete a tweet and then repost a corrected version if they later notice any spelling, grammatical, or other errors. Kardashian herself was strongly criticised recently after misspelling the name of famous designer Giorgio Armani in a tweet.

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and the interim chief executive of Twitter, quickly weighed in on the idea by suggesting it would be a great addition to the service. The ability to quickly post short comments on Twitter has led to considerable embarrassment for many celebrities and politicians, so many users like Kardashian will surely welcome the ability to quickly correct any mistakes.

Despite the ability to delete tweets, it is often too late by then, and the same applies to website news feeds. Many readers will have already seen the errors and formed a bad impression. What’s more, if they find it particularly amusing, they may share screenshots of the uncorrected text, creating permanent copies that can never be deleted or corrected.

This is why it’s important to ensure that anything you publish on the Internet is as error-free as possible. When you use a good news content provider, you can be sure that everything has been double-checked by an editor. This in itself catches many of the common errors made by writers.

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