How To Get Into Google News

If you’re unfamiliar with Google News, it is Google’s own search engine for news pieces – it’s an automated news aggregator and, in other words, it pulls together the most relevant news stories related to your search query.

To determine the placing of a news story within its results, Google News uses a process very similar to that used in general Internet search. It analyses the content of a news article and compares its relative importance to the search terms. Importantly, no individual at Google is involved in adjusting or ‘tweaking’ the results.

Achieving inclusion and rankings within Google News can drive a lot of traffic to your site and attract a lot of quality links, which in turn helps to drive your business forward. However, Google doesn’t include just any old website in its news pages; it’s an inclusion that has to be earned.

So, how can you get into Google News?

There are a few technical guidelines to getting into Google News that we often help our clients with. However, without the right content your website has no chance of inclusion.

A good place to start is by ensuring that your news is original. To be of help with your SEO campaign you should stick with news relevant to your industry.

It’s also vital to adhere to the basic tenets of quality journalism. It’s easy to think of the stereotypical tabloid hack that doesn’t let scruples get in the way of a good story, but any journalist worth their salt would agree that the following is essential:

Factuality – You may have heard the epithet ‘Never let the facts get in the way of a good story’, but fact checking is essential. The failure to get the details right could mean publishing a red faced apology at best, and a reputation as an unreliable source of news

Impartiality – A good journalist will not manipulate the perceptions of the reader by allowing his or her personal opinions to colour the news story. If this happens, a website can suddenly be hit with a libel claim. This is why many newspapers have editorial sections where opinions are expressed

Human Angle – A story can be rendered dull if it doesn’t have any human interest. For example, the latest news on mortgage interest rates would not engage the average reader unless it put any facts and figures into context by explaining how it would affect them or the owner of an averagely priced home

Press Complaints Commission Guidelines – Publishing news is a legal minefield. The Press Complaints Commission has published a set of guidelines designed to temper the conduct of journalists and help prevent them from inadvertently attracting a lawsuit, or even breaking the law.

Accuracy – to be taken seriously as a source of news, accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar are crucial. News has to be well written to attract readers and be as engaging as possible. This is why at Direct Content we only employ seasoned writers who have English as their first language. Unlike freelance writers, we ensure that contracts aren’t cancelled; if for some reason one of our writers is unable to fulfil a brief, we will have one of equal calibre to ensure deadlines are met. Furthermore, all content is edited by experienced, professional journalists to guarantee that it is of high quality.

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