Google confirms ‘phantom update’ to search algorithm

Recently, many publishers suspected that something had changed in Google’s algorithm in May, specifically concerning how it rated the quality of web pages.

However, according to Sally Falkow at The Proactive Report, this has now been confirmed by Google. Falkow has also published a checklist that she claims comes directly from the internet giant.

While the update is a relatively minor change to its core search algorithm, it does affect how Google assesses the quality of pages and, therefore, their rankings. The checklist from the search company is very wide ranging, and many news feed providers may struggle to satisfy every item listed.

Aside from providing unique, well-written content, your news feed should also be informative, useful, and engaging. It should also distinguish itself from the many other news feeds on the web.

However, it’s not just about article quality. The checklist also suggests that websites should engage their visitors with a quality presentation and interact with them through comments, social media, and updates. Your site should also build trust with its visitors by avoiding factual errors and broken links, while keeping advertising down to a suitable level.

While news writing services cannot free you from all of these responsibilities, they can relieve you of the chore of producing regular news items. This alone can be time consuming, especially with the need to write error-free, engaging posts. You’ll then have more time to focus on other items in the checklist, such as improving the design of your website and interacting regularly with your visitors.

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