Fry corrects minister’s grammar by text

It has recently emerged that Stephen Fry sent a text to Justice Secretary Michael Gove to correct his grammar.

In his short message, Fry criticized Gove for “linguistic errors” in a document that was recently circulated at the Ministry of Justice. Ironically, this document was a list of the minister’s grammatical preferences, such as not starting sentences with ‘however’ and writing ‘ensure’ rather than ‘make sure’.

While Gove may have just been trying to defend language standards in his department, it shows that even those who claim to know about grammar can still make mistakes. When writing English, there are often multiple correct ways to convey, something rather than a single, prescribed method. This is what gives the English language much of its colour, but there is also a multitude of incorrect ways to write things.

No one is infallible, and even experienced writers often have their own quirks that are grammatically suspect. This is why a quality news writing service backs up its writers with experienced editors, who will check for errors and make corrections, as well as give feedback to the content producers.

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