Five top SEO statistics to learn for 2015

Reviewing the year at its end is a practise as old as the Gregorian calendar itself. However, it is a fun exercise from which many things for the future can be learned.

That is certainly true of looking at collated digital marketing industry’s findings into the world of search. It is also particularly useful for search engine optimisation (SEO) service providers preparing for the year ahead, which is looking like being a busy one.

1. Most B2B purchases start online

Over 80% of business-to-business (B2B) purchases will start with an online search. Even if the later discussion and deal closure is not completed online, it shows the importance of ensuring that you can be found.

2. SEO biggest B2B lead

In keeping with the aforementioned findings, 57% of marketers in the B2B sphere found that the biggest generator of leads was SEO.

3. SEO content most effective

Underpinning both of the top two statistics, 53% of marketers in B2B and consumer business found that of all SEO initiatives, content creation was the most important.

4. Organic search results key

The importance of organic content is also highlighted as critical to successful digital marketing campaigns. With the industry reporting around 15% of organic search leads were closed and 33% of organic clicks resulted in a top Google listing, natural content had an essential role.

5. Customers want to find you

Given further credence to the state of organic search, 90% of consumers would rather find a company to deal with than be led, clearly demonstrating the importance of real time news feeds.

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