Copywriting FAQ

Q. Can I see a sample of your content?

A. Yes, please get in touch with what you’re looking for and we will be more than happy to send you samples of any relevant pieces. We don’t publish any examples of our content on our site, as we do not want to infringe any search engine rules on duplicate content and the types of writing supplied varies widely, both in terms of style and subject.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Pricing depends upon the type of writing, the volume and length of pieces. Please contact us for a quote.

Q. Will I be tied into a minimum contract?

A. No. At Direct Content, we operate on a rolling monthly contract. We’re satisfied that we provide a quality article writing service and, as such, we don’t deem it necessary to tie our clients into lengthy contracts. You may terminate your contract with a month’s notice at any time you wish.

Q. Do I have to be tied down to a contract at all? Can I just place an order for a single piece?

A. Yes we do accept commissions for small one-off orders or single pieces. However, we would advise that as part of an SEO campaign, a regular flow of fresh content is vital if you want to increase your rankings in the search engine results pages and increase traffic to your website.

Q. I’m wary about including duplicate content on my site. What will Direct Content do to ensure that this will not happen?

A. At Direct Content, we only employ content writers who are experienced and understand the implications of plagiarising material from another source. We also employ NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualified editors, who subject our pieces to frequent and regular copy checks using plagiarism software.

Q. I’m launching a new venture that is not yet in the public domain. I would like some content from you, but are you prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement before I give you any details?

A. Absolutely. We value the confidence and privacy of our clients, and have signed many NDAs both for individual clients and for marketing and SEO agencies.