Content Writers

Most people involved with Internet marketing now realise that content writing is an essential part of any SEO campaign. The major search engines, especially Google, place an enormous emphasis upon regular, fresh, unique content and the websites that feature the biggest amount of unique content and are updated more regularly than their competitors can generally be found at the top of Google for competitive searches.

These means that the job of the content writer is a very important one. Content writers, when writing for the Internet, have to consider many different things when writing content.

First and foremost they have to consider who they are writing content for – their audience. This is the same in every aspect of content writing, but with the Internet it’s doubly important because the target audience is also the target customer. The content writer has to gauge the content very carefully to offer enough information and detail to be interesting, while not overwhelming with jargon.

Secondly, content writers have to consider the search engines when they craft content for websites; Google in particular. When content writers create their content for Google, it’s not just a simple matter of adding as many keywords as possible. Google is highly advanced and can spot when content has been written for SEO purposes alone. This is why professional content writers perform such a vital role within any search engine optimisation campaign. The on-page SEO tells Google what the site is about, but the work from the content writer gives Google a reason to rank the website in the first place.

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