Blog Writing Services

Within a short amount of time, blogs have become ubiquitous, as anyone wishing to publish their opinions, musings or news on the Internet can have one up and running within a few short minutes. Businesses soon realised that having a blog was a fantastic way of increasing their presence on the Internet and making a connection with existing or potential customers.

It’s often said that ‘content is king’, and this could not be truer for your blog. The more blogs you publish about your services, the more interest Google and other search engines will show in your website, and content will help push it further up the search rankings. This may seem straightforward yet, as can be expected, there’s always a ‘but’. The quality of your blog is vital in helping achieve your aims for several reasons. Importantly, it has to be readable. Reading something that has obviously not been written by someone with English as their first language can quickly become tiresome. Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation can be hilarious at best and infuriating at worst.

Once you’re past this hurdle, you need to determine if your content is relevant and useful. Making content relevant doesn’t mean that it should be unnaturally stuffed with your SEO keywords – keywords should be written in naturally.

A blog is a fantastic opportunity to connect with people, and it can attract many readers looking for answers or advice. A person will use a search engine to find the answer to a user’s search query, which gives a blog owner a great opportunity to attract traffic. Many potential customers expect a business to use social media and a blog as a means to interact, and want a relationship with a firm that goes beyond a business-only connection. By posting updates about your company a blog can stimulate discussion and it can help to build brand loyalty. Furthermore, your blog can soon become a trusted source and can bring about many benefits for your business, including more visitors to your site. This can be the case as long as it has regularly updated, well written and relevant content.

Now, there’s the problem most companies struggle with.

Quality content demands a quality content writer with the right blend of SEO awareness and copywriting experience.

We at Direct Content understand that all roads on the Internet lead back to your blog, meaning it has to be of quality. As such, we only use a roster of experienced copywriters with English as their first language, meaning that the content we can provide for you is natural and well-written. As a regularly updated blog is essential to improve your search engine results, a missed deadline can be a setback. Our writers understand this and are used to writing content regularly. This means that with Direct Content, you are protected from the disadvantages associated with a freelance writer; missed deadlines, no sickness or absence cover and asking for re-writes are among just some of the problems to be faced. With Direct Content, every blog you receive is edited by professional, fully qualified journalists, who will ensure our high standards are maintained and that your brief is met.