Blog Writing

Lots of people love the romantic idea of keeping their own blogs, and businesses are no exception, but the reality is that finding time for high-quality blog writing around your business’ day-to-day responsibilities is rarely possible, and can you be sure that what you’re writing is effective?

Forward-thinking businesses are aware that trying to do everything in-house can only result in becoming overworked and inefficient, and choose to outsource services like accountancy, IT and recruitment. Those with a truly modern approach know that building an online presence is imperative these days, and also choose to let an expert company take control of the nuts and bolts of content provision such as blog writing.

Why is blog writing so important?

Google and other search engines love written content. Good use of images, video and striking web design can certainly help your site make an impact, but text remains at the apex of how search engines index and rank websites. It’s key to what your human readers demand as well – would you want to visit a site that contained nothing but visual media? Even if it looked smart, text is the cement that pieces it all together as a complete body of work.

A well-maintained blog demonstrates to search engines that your site isn’t some stagnant post in the backwaters of cyberspace, but an ever-expanding point of reference kept regularly updated with excellent content. There’s no better way to show Google and co. that your site is worth visiting than by regularly adding content to it, and a blog is ideal for this purpose.

It’s not just all about keeping search engines happy though, because human visitors to your site are sure to love a good blog too. What better way to show that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry than with a comprehensive blog of the news and relevant features that shape your sector? All of this helps build your site as an authority in its field.

The social side

Another beauty of the blog is that every time you update it, you have new material to put out on social media. By broadcasting your blog updates on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can hook in social media users who will want to interact with your writing.

Modern media, after all, is about multiway communication. TV, radio and newspapers simply talk to us, but the internet allows us to respond straightaway. Engaging blog writing can ensure that your site and its social media channels become a community, helping internet users to love and trust your company, and ultimately your brand.

The winter of great content

Blog writing is an invaluable service, but it needs to be carried out with care and research. At Direct Content, we ensure we allocate just the right writer to your blog, and that everything they produce is overseen by our in-house journalist-trained editors. After all, nothing ruins a great blog more than misplaced apostrophes or a ‘there’ where there should be a ‘their’.

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