Article Writing & Article Submission Services

Articles written for the purpose of article submissions should be treated differently from the many other forms of content created for the Internet. Whereas web copy adopts a self promotional tone, news is unopinionated, fresh and relevant, and blogs can be informal and even irreverent, article submissions are written with a specific purpose in mind. Even so, article submissions should work hand in hand with the rest of your SEO campaign, and can be invaluable in raising the profile of your business.

There is a morass of articles and information available on the web. Much of it will never be seen unless someone visits a particular website. This is where an article submission service can help you find a wider audience. Such a website acts as a repository for information, tips and how-to guides, and can attract a lot of traffic. An article submission may provide a link back to your site, but this may not always be the case. Even so, by submitting an article to just several of these sites, it is possible to have them propagated to dozens more. This can really raise the profile of your business; article submissions can lure people to your site, whilst blog posts keep them coming back.

It’s not always easy to have your articles accepted by an article submission site or directory. As such, many businesses look to article submission professionals for their article writing to maximise the potential on offer. At Direct Content, we will ensure that your articles have the highest chance of being accepted on article submission websites, thus improving your brand recognition, link strength and subsequent results in search engine rankings. We do this by providing article writers who are tried and tested in providing such articles. With Direct Content, you do not have the worries associated with freelance writers such as missed deadlines or no sickness absence cover; all articles are edited by professional journalists to ensure our own high standards and we only employ writers who have English as a first language.

Article Submission Requirements

The main reason that a professional article submission service is required is the different rules and criteria employed by article submission websites. The different criteria include:

  • Specific word counts on articles, which vary from one article submission website to the next
  • Rules on keyword density
  • Formatting rules
  • Specific rules on typos and grammar
  • Varying rules on self promotion
  • Rules on HTML links and how and where to use those links

As well as being experts in operating within these boundaries, professional article submission services providers also know how to write articles that will entice syndication – thus further increasing their value. They can be invaluable to an ethical search engine optimisation campaign, as they can organically build a network of links to your site.

For further information on how an article submission service can aid your search engine optimisation campaign and help to build your website’s links in an ethical manner, give us a call or use our contact form.