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Content Makes the Internet Go Round
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  • Why you should invest in content marketing

    If you are still evaluating whether content marketing will be right for your business, here are a few reasons to help convince you. Your competitors are probably already doing it Even if you prefer not to follow the crowd, your business still needs to stay competitive. For example, recent research by the Content Marketing Institute […]

  • Using empathy to connect with your audience

    When developing a content strategy, many people try to think about what will help them sell more, yet it’s more important to connect with your audience. This is often stressed in

  • Is your content marketing strategy suffering from bias?

    Everyone knows that media outlets are often biased towards a certain point of view, but did you realise it could also be affecting your content marketing strategy? Confirmation bias comes about when you

Content Delivery Service

At Direct Content we can provide quality news content for your website, specifically relevant to your industry. We can offer news as often as several times a day, or just a few times a month; to whatever frequency suits your needs or the needs of your client. Our news content is always well researched so it is relevant to your website, or the websites of your clients. It is also edited by qualified journalists as the quality of the news piece is what attracts links to your site and represents your brand. Find out more about our News Articles Delivery here.

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Copywriting Services for Websites

Direct Content offers copywriting services for websites to customers who wish to outsource content creation. We have a dedicated team of professional copywriters and editors who can create engaging copy on any subject and topic. Having an in-house team of copywriters is sometimes not feasible; it could be that your company is small and simply can't afford the overhead of having in-house content writers. Direct Content offers a fantastic solution: affordable, relevant and engaging SEO friendly content creation written by trained professionals.

Content Writers that Engage

At Direct Content, we only employ the finest of professional content writers to help us create amazing and engaging content. Our editorial team works hard researching our clients’ topics, coming up with content that our clients’ audiences will be compelled to read. Whether you’re looking for marketing copy, search engine optimisation copy or web copy, our writers will be able to provide you with the content you need.

Copywriting Services

If you’ve been looking for copywriting services with a fast turnaround on great content then look no further, as Direct Content is a leader in supplying engaging content for a whole host of companies and their needs – including web page copy, SEO content, news article creation and blog posts. Our team of skilled copywriters and editors is passionate and focused on creating copy that will engage the reader.

Freelance Copywriters

We employ only the best freelance copywriters, each of whom must have English as their first language. Each and every article that’s submitted is edited by our team of NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) certified editors. For this reason, we make a point that we hire only the best writers for your company’s copywriting work and what’s more, our editors are SEO trained to spot potential pitfalls – plagiarism and keyword stuffing are but two.